Does IMessage Work With WIFI And No Service?

Can I use iMessage with WiFi only?

iMessage is Apple’s own instant messaging service that sends messages over the Internet, using your data.

They only work when you have an Internet connection.

To send iMessages, you need a data plan, or you can send them over WiFi.

(This is true if just one person in a group message is on Android too.).

Can you text without service but with WiFi?

Tip: You can send texts over Wi-Fi even if you don’t have cell service. Just use Messages as you normally would. … Manage messages and change Messages settings. Accessibility for Messages on Android.

Will an iPhone work on WiFi without service?

The answer is “no”, you need an activated SIM card to setup a new iPhone, but “yes” to using it without a plan. By using call/text apps over WiFi there’s no need for cellular service unless wifi isn’t readily available.

How can I send an iMessage without service?

If you prefer to use iMessage, then you can perform the following steps to fix the issue:Connect to the internet using WiFi or Data.Go to Settings > Messages and toggle iMessage OFF.Turn your iPhone off completely, then turn it back on.Go back into Settings > Messages and toggle iMessage ON.More items…•

Is iMessage linked to phone number?

You can add your phone number to your iMessage account and turn it on easily on your Mac to start receiving messages right away.

Can you use iMessage without phone service?

If you do not have cellular data (and are not connected to WiFi) and have iMessage turned on, normal text messages will not be able to send or receive. You must disable iMessage for regular texting to work.