How Many Bad Words Are There If You’Re A Sailor?

What is the 13 bad words in Spongebob?

That’s awesome.

Well, let’s see.

There’s *dolphin cackle*, *AOOOGA.

horn*, *bleep*, *audio cuts out for a second*, *lawnmower starting up*, *modem screech*, *shattering glass*, *”buy some APPLES!”*, *”Lotsa Spaghetti!”*, *school bell*, *BONNNNG*, *rooster crowing*….

What are all the swear words?

MildArse.Bloody.Bugger.Cow.Crap.Damn.Ginger.Git.More items…•

Is mayonnaise an instrument?

In a recently uploaded video, we see Bombs Away waltz into a supermarket and scoop up a jar of mayonnaise, which he holds up triumphantly to the camera, before taking it straight to the studio. …

How old is Spongebob?

Biography. According to his driver’s license in the episode produced around December of “1999”, “Sleepy Time,” SpongeBob SquarePants was born on July 14, 1986. If episode airdates/production correlated with the time set in an episode, this would make him 13 years old at the time of the episode’s airing and production.

Do You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth Spongebob?

Spongebob Says a bad word! “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth” is a saying meaning “I can’t believe you just said a swear word!” It is often said by Harold as well as Brian Griffin.

Do sailors swear a lot?

Just before you bolted from the mess, vomiting all the way, in between the retching spams, you will be prone to uttering some of the most colorful language known to our specie. Yes, sailors swear a lot.

Is Barnacles a bad word in SpongeBob?

Barnacle is fuck. Barnacle Boy is definitely a fuck boy. 🙂 Fuck boy. Which is even weirder when you remember that he’s the side kick of an older man.

What is the 11th bad word?

r/FanTheories (SpongeBob SquarePants) Bad Word #11 is a homophobic slur. FanTheory.

Why are cuss words bad?

They found that cursing is associated with negative emotions such as sadness (21.83%) and anger (16.79%) thus showing people in the online world mainly use curse words to express their sadness and anger towards others.

Does SpongeBob use bad words?

SpongeBob and Patrick vow Mr. Krabs that they will never use swear words again. Later, they play their favorite game, Eels and Escalators.

How many swear words are there?

Take a list of eighty-four commonly used swear words. Of the eighty-four words, twenty-nine are spelled with four letters. By this count, then, just over a third of profane words are four-letter words.

What does 11 mean in slang?

an extremely attractive person – more attractive than a 10. On a scale of 0 to 10, they score even higher than the highest possible score. Dude, you have no chance with her. She’s like, an 11. See more words with the same meaning: attractive person (either gender).