Question: Who Was Ancient Greece Most Honest Democrat Representative?

What made Pericles a good leader?

The name Pericles in Greek means ‘Surrounded by Glory’, which became fitting for the leader he was to become and what he achieved during his lifetime.

Pericles could be summarised as the following, innovative, bold, tough, intuitive, a risk taker and stoic..

Who was the greatest Greek leader?

Alexander the GreatAlexander the Great is the most famous Greek personality ever. His short life was full of adventures. Born in Pella, Macedonia, in 356 BC, he became king at the age of 20.

Why did Pericles rebuild Athens?

He wanted to establish Athens as the leader of the Greek world and wanted to build an acropolis that represented the city’s glory. He rebuilt many temples on the acropolis that were destroyed by the Persians. … Pericles’ most famous building project was the Parthenon on the acropolis.

How does Pericles define democracy?

Pericles describes Athenian democracy as a system of government where men advance on merit rather than on class or wealth. … It is clear that Pericles views democracy as the best form of government and having adopted it, he views Athens as superior to their fellow city states.

Who was Greece’s main enemy?

The remainder of the wars saw the Greeks take the fight to the Persians. The Athenian dominated Delian League of cities and islands extirpated Persian garrisons from Macedon and Thrace, before eventually freeing the Ionian cities from Persian rule.

Who is known as the father of democracy?

One later ancient author records that Cleisthenes himself was the first person to be ostracized. Cleisthenes called these reforms isonomia (“equality vis à vis law”, iso-=equality; nomos=law), instead of demokratia.

How did Pericles champion Athenian democracy?

How did Pericles champion Athenian democracy? Encouraged people to participate in government and paid public officials. … Athenians had direct democracy which meant that all citizens could participate directly in the government. It influenced American democracy because we vote for our president.

Which of the following was praised by his countrymen as ancient Greece best and most honest Democrat representative?

Who was praised by his countryman as ancient Greece’s best and most honest democratic representatives? Muhammad Umair Answered: Pericles.

Who is Greece allied with?

Greece enjoys close historic relations with many members of the African Union, such as South Africa, Sudan, and Ethiopia. Relations between the two countries have been traditionally friendly since Algeria’s first years of independence. Algeria is represented in Greece by its embassy in Athens.

Who is the king of ancient Greece?

Alexander the GreatPhilip II, king of Macedon and Greece (359–336 B.C.) Alexander the Great, , king of Macedon and much of Asia, (356–323 B.C.) Lysimachus, general of Alexander the Great, ruler of Thrace, west Asia Minor, and Macedonia, (c. 355–281 B.C.)

How does Pericles depict the men who have died?

3. How does Pericles depict the men who have died? The dead are idealised – these are men who knew their duty and had the courage to do it, who made the ultimate sacrifice to their city and fellow-citizens, and who would risk anything but dishonour. They now live on eternally in people’s memories.

What was the most powerful Greek city state?

AthensOf these, Athens and Sparta were the two most powerful city-states. Athens was a democracy and Sparta had two kings and an oligarchic system, but both were important in the development of Greek society and culture.

How did Pericles strengthen democracy?

Pericles strengthened democracy in Athens by paying public officials. Pericles expanded the empire by building a strong naval fleet. Pericles rebuilt and beautified Athens. Athenian democracy, art, and architecture set standards that remain influential in the world today.

Who had the strongest army in Greece?

SpartaChapter 4 The Ancient GreeksABacropolisfortified hill in ancient Greek citiesagoraan open area that served as both a market and a meeting placeSpartahad the strongest army in GreeceAthensdeveloped into an emerging democracy; had the strongest navy in Greece64 more rows

What was the greatest civilization of all time?

Greatest Civilizations of All Time Roman Empire (27 BC-1453 AD) … Ancient Egypt (3150 BC – 30 BC) … Greek Empire (800 BC-600 AD) … British Empire (1583 AD-present) … Chinese Empire (221 BC-1912 AD) … The United States (1776 AD-Present) … Islamic Golden Age (750 AD – 1257 AD) … Mongol Empire (1206 AD – 1368 AD)

What was Pericles greatest accomplishment?

495 bce, Athens—died 429, Athens), Athenian statesman largely responsible for the full development, in the later 5th century bce, of both the Athenian democracy and the Athenian empire, making Athens the political and cultural focus of Greece. His achievements included the construction of the Acropolis, begun in 447.

What did Pericles believe?

To admirers of democracy he is almost without a peer. The society which he led was imbued with his ideas—an overmastering love of Athens, a passionate belief in freedom for Athenians, and a faith in the ability of man. Pericles’s trust in the intellect was shared by Athens’s leading thinkers.

Who was the most powerful person in ancient Greece?

Alexander the Great10 Greatest GreeksRankNotabilityNomination defended by1Alexander the GreatYannis Smaragdis2George PapanikolaouMaria Houkli3Theodoros KolokotronisSia Kosioni4Konstantinos KaramanlisStefanos Manos6 more rows