Quick Answer: When Was The First 311 Day?

How old is the lead singer of 311?

Nicholas Lofton Hexum (born April 12, 1970) is an American singer, songwriter and rapper, currently the vocalist and guitarist for the multi-platinum alternative rock band 311 and The Nick Hexum Quintet….Nick HexumBornApril 12, 1970 Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.OriginOmaha, Nebraska, U.S.11 more rows.

Why did Jim Watson leave 311?

Jim Watson departure Jim Watson didn’t leave 311 voluntarily, they asked him to leave because they didn’t feel his guitar playing was up to par.

How many albums has 311 sold?

8.5 million recordsThe band’s most recent studio album is 2019’s Voyager. As of 2011, 311 has sold over 8.5 million records in the United States.

Who did 311 tour with?

311 + Dirty Heads311 + Dirty Heads 2019 Tour Dates 311 announces co-headlining 2019 U.S. tour with Dirty Heads.

How tall is Nick Hexum?

Overview (4)BornApril 12, 1970 in Madison, Wisconsin, USABirth NameNicholas Lofton HexumNicknameNix HexHeight6′ 3″ (1.91 m)

Is Nick Hexum married?

Nikki Hexumm. 2008Nick Hexum/Spouse

Who are the members of 311?

Nick HexumGuitarS.A. MartinezP-NutChad SextonDrum KitTim Mahoney311/Members

What are 311 fans called?

‘311 Nation’ is a bigger name for all of our fans, but a certain crew of hardcore fans is known as ‘The Excitable Ones.

How old is Nick Hexum?

50 years (April 12, 1970)Nick Hexum/Age

Where is the group 311 from?

Omaha, Nebraska, United States311/Origin

How much is 311 worth?

As a group, it is not easy to estimate the net worth of 311. However, some of the lead musicians and songwriters in the group, Nick Hexum is worth over $25 million. Aaron “P-Nut” Wills another member is worth between one hundred thousand and one million dollars.

What does 311 mean in slang?

Abbreviation. Meaning. ***** 311. Omaha Police Code for Indecent Exposure.