What Are Antonyms For Forget?

What is opposite of forget?

We will always be here to support you.”…What is the opposite of forget?rememberthinkkeep tabsdo as one is told bypick uptake to heartpay heedheedbe alert totake in28 more rows.

What is a synonym for forget?

leave behind, omit to take, overlook, lose track of, mislay, misplace, lose. 3’I forgot to close the door’ SYNONYMS. neglect, fail, omit, not remember. archaic pretermit.

How do I say I forget to my boss?

Here’s how to tell your boss you’ve screwed up:Assess the damage. … Admit your mistake immediately. … Be direct and unambiguous. … Take responsibility with humility. … Take a step back and breathe. … Don’t throw others under the bus. … Devise an action plan. … Do everything in your control to make it right.More items…•

What do you call a person who always forget?

To be forgetful is to be absentminded. When you’re forgetful, you forget all kinds of things! … A forgetful person misses deadlines and forgets about their spouse’s anniversary. Forgetful people are often spacy and careless; they’re not mindful of what they should be doing.

How do you tell your boss you missed a deadline?

Here’s what to do if you miss a deadline at work:Give them a heads up early.Explain the new time frame.Never avoid the obvious.Next time, plan better.And don’t make this a habit.

What do I do if I accidentally no call no show?

Call Your Manager Right Away and Be Honest Regardless of the reason for your no call, no show, call your manager the moment you have an opportunity. The longer you wait to call and explain yourself, the angrier your manager may become.

Can you get fired for a mistake at work?

If they are the type of person that would terminate an otherwise good employee for one mistake, then do you really want to keep working there? Sorry, unable to complete the action you requested. As long as you’ve informed your supervisor of the error and she hasn’t fired you, you are most likely okay.

What are the antonyms of wise?

Antonyms for wisecareless.foolish.heedless.idiotic.ignorant.inattentive.incautious.indiscreet.More items…

Will an antonym?

Antonyms for willdislike.hate.hatred.indecision.question.wavering.weakness.distaste.More items…

What’s another way to say I forgot?

What is another word for forgot?disrememberedmisrecollectedlet slipclean forgotfailed to rememberconsigned to obliviondismissed from minddrew a blankdrawn a blankescaped one’s memory5 more rows

What is the scientific name for forgetfulness?

Memory loss (amnesia) is unusual forgetfulness. You may not be able to remember new events, recall one or more memories of the past, or both. The memory loss may be for a short time and then resolve (transient).