Why Is It Called County Lines?

What does county lines mean in safeguarding?

County lines is the organised criminal distribution of drugs from the big cities into smaller towns and rural areas using children and vulnerable people.

The drug runner needs a place to stay and to do this the gang will take over the home of a vulnerable person, often after following them home..

What type of abuse is Cuckooing?

“’Cuckooing’ is a form of criminal exploitation, which has developed in our force area and which can have devastating financial and emotional consequences to already struggling victims.

What means Gyal?

The Meaning of GYAL GYAL means “Girl” So now you know – GYAL means “Girl” – don’t thank us. YW! What does GYAL mean? GYAL is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the GYAL definition is given.

Why is county lines a safeguarding matter?

Young people are at risk if they become caught in county lines networks. To reduce the risk to themselves the dealers will use people they think others will not suspect, so any young person on the periphery of drug use or drug taking, or otherwise coming into contact, is vulnerable.

What does the term county lines mean?

Criminal exploitationCriminal exploitation is also known as ‘county lines’ and is when gangs and organised crime networks groom and exploit children to sell drugs. … Often these children are made to travel across counties, and they use dedicated mobile phone ‘lines’ to supply drugs.

Who is at risk of county lines?

Who is at risk? Certain children, young people and adults are vulnerable and more at risk of being drawn into county lines, such as… Others may be threatened with violence or by exploiting their addiction to drugs.

When dealing with county lines what is Cunch slang for?

Young people will rarely say that they are running a “county line” or “country line”. They are more likely to say they are “running a Line”, “going cunch” or “Going O.T.”, which stands for ‘over there’, ‘out there’ or ‘outta town’.

What’s a trap house girl?

The Urban Dictionary defines “trap house” as an apartment or private house, sometimes in public housing projects, where multiple drug dealers (known as “trap stars” or “trap lords”) do business. Trap houses attract teens from a wide variety of backgrounds.

What is Cunch in slang?

Cunch – Country. Used to denote going to a. faraway area in order to sell. drugs (county lines).

How do you find county lines?

Some of the signs of county lines involvement and exploitation are:A child or young person going missing from school or home or significant changes in emotional well-being.A person meeting unfamiliar adults or a change to their behaviour.The use of drugs and alcohol.More items…•

What does county mean?

noun, plural coun·ties. the largest administrative division of a U.S. state: Miami, Florida, is in Dade County. one of the chief administrative divisions of a country or state, as in Great Britain and Ireland. one of the larger divisions for purposes of local administration, as in Canada and New Zealand.

How many county lines are in operation across the UK?

Police shut down almost 90 county lines spreading drugs and ‘mayhem’ across UK.

What type of drugs are sold in county lines?

County lines commonly involves the illegal distribution and dealing of seriously dangerous drugs from one city/town to another. The most common drugs involved are heroin also known as brown and cocaine (crack and powder)also known as white , but also MDMA, cannabis, amphetamines and spice.

What are the signs of Cuckooing?

What are the signs of cuckooing?An increase in people entering and leaving.An increase in cars or bikes outside.Possible increase in anti-social behaviour.Increasing litter outside.Signs of drugs use.Lack of healthcare visitors.

What does criminally exploited mean?

Criminal exploitation is a form of modern slavery that sees victims being forced to work under the control of highly organised criminals in activities such as forced begging, shoplifting and pickpocketing, cannabis cultivation, drug dealing and financial exploitation.

What does Cuckooing mean?

Cuckooing is a practice where people take over a person’s home and use the property to facilitate exploitation. It takes the name from cuckoos who take over the nests of other birds.

WHO uses the term county lines?

“County Lines” is a national term used by police and law enforcement to commonly describe the approach taken by gangs and criminal networks originating from urban areas, who travel to locations such as county or coastal towns to sell class A drugs.

Why do they call a trap house a trap house?

Why do they call it a trap house? Such homes are called trap house because the dealer of the illicit drugs traps people into such businesses where once you are into such activities, you may find it difficult to come out of it.

What does line mean in slang?

A line of a powdered drugLINE means “A line of a powdered drug” So now you know – LINE means “A line of a powdered drug” – don’t thank us. YW! What does LINE mean? LINE is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the LINE definition is given.

What do you do if you suspect county lines?

You can speak to your local police by dialling 101, or in an emergency 999. If you would rather remain anonymous, you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.